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Whole Earth is simply a jumping off point for information and links about the only things we have - our planet and ourselves. It does not attempt to provide any comprehensive coverage of life the universe and all that jazz - just some summaries of good stuff that people have turned others on to, and links to more of that for fellow travellers.

If you find any of it useful then pass it on. If you want to suggest something then contact . . . .

Topic Areas:

Whole Systems - since all things are connected.

Land Use - the art of sharing limited space.

Sea Use - sharing finite resources.

Human Population - dealing with ourselves in a limited place.

Human Rights - getting on with getting on.

Animal Rights - getting on with other creatures.

Global Economics - managing the finance machines that want to manage us.

Human Industry - making the trip more comfortable.

Energy for Life - lighting our way and getting there.

Global Communication - connecting through information.

Nomadics - moving about without spoilage.

Communities - organising without being too organised.

Shelter and Housing - places for people.

Outer Space - the space we are in.

Inner Space - the space we think we are in.

New Age Learning - making sense of the nonsense.

Articles - what some folk have to say.

Music - for no reason other than music works.